Customized, Training in the Solution-Focused Approach & Consulting for Agencies and Staff

  • Solution-Focused Agency Evaluation


    Effective solution-focused consulting requires a thorough understanding of the dynamics and needs of the agency.

    In order to ensure that our solution-focused consulting services will address your needs, it is important to talk (by phone or in person) to discuss what you are hoping to achieve and how you will know we have been helpful. There is no charge for this service.

  • Solution-Focused Clinical Staff Training

    Clinical Staff Training

    We design personal trainings that teach the original evidenced-based solution-focused tenets and philosophy developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg. Your staff will develop skills and confidence to work successfully with the most challenging clients. We can also help with routine topic areas such as evaluation, motivational enhancement, and treatment planning.

    We provide more formal trainings for groups of 50-75, or smaller interactional trainings with hands-on skill building techniques for groups of 6-20. Skill demonstrations and role plays are used to ensure staff members understand how the approach is used with the most challenging scenarios. Clinical trainings range from 2 hours to 2 days depending on agency need. All trainings feature a collaborative approach that engages audience members and will get staff thinking differently about clinical care.

  • Solution-Focused Supervisor / Management Training

    Supervisor/Management Training

    We design personal trainings that teach the original evidenced-based solution-focused tenets and principles developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg to ensure your supervisors and managers gain the skills and confidence to work successfully with the most challenging staff members.

    To maintain the changes and protect your clinical investment, clinical supervisors often need on-going support and guidance. So we offer specialized training and coaching to ensure your supervisors continue developing the skills they need to deal with the questions, case studies, and challenges that come with change. Solution-Focused consulting, training/coaching is provided individually or in group settings in person or by phone.

  • Solution-Focused Agency Culture Assessment / Consulting

    Agency Culture Assessment and Consulting

    Sometimes administrators don’t know where to start even after the initial evaluation. We offer on-site assessment and consulting and give you direct feedback about what we find.

    This may include sitting in on meetings, clinical groups, etc. as well as interviewing staff to get a sense of agency culture, what is working, and what staff would like to see different. Sometimes an outside perspective is just what is needed to find the right solutions.

  • Papaerwork and Documentation Consulting for Solution-Focuses Agencies

    Paperwork and Documentation Consulting

    Paperwork and documentation are necessary evils in every organization. A common concern that we hear is, “Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is great, but Medicaid, State… [you fill in the blank] require that we use problem focused language."

    We teach agencies how to translate evidenced-based Solution-Focused Therapy into problem focused language so you get the credit (and money) your agency deserves.

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Looking for Personalized Training for Your Agency or Organization?

We can personalize both online and in-person agency based training for your organization. Contact Teri by email to schedule a free consultation.

Sample of trainings we have provided for agencies include:

  • Solution-Focused Co-occurring Treatment
  • Client Engagement and Retention
  • Working with Externally Motivated and Legally Mandated Clients
  • How to be Effective with Decreasing Resources
  • Using SFBT with the Chronically Mentally Ill
  • Burnout Prevention
  • SFBT with Those Struggling with Personality Disorders
  • SFBT and the Child Welfare System
  • Solution-Focused Coaching
  • SFBT in the Medical Settings
  • SFBT in Integrated Care Settings
  • How to use SFBT in the Classroom
  • Working with the Educational System
  • Working with Children and Adolescents
  • Working with Groups
  • Solution-Focused Case Management
  • Working with Couples and Families
  • Helping Clients through Difficult Transitions and Discharge
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria, Second Edition Revised (ASAM PPC-2R) Fundamentals
  • Working Effectively in Milieu Settings
  • Using Solution-Focused Therapy to Address Trauma
  • Using Solution-Focused Therapy to Address Grief and Loss
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Treatment Planning
  • Animal-Assisted Solution-Focused Therapy

Sample topics we have addressed with agencies include:

  • Advanced Solution-Focused Co-occurring Treatment
  • Effective use of the ASAM PPC-2R
  • Substance Misuse Treatment Evaluation
  • Motivational Enhancement Strategies
  • Challenging Case Studies (Including Demonstrations and Role Plays)
  • Dealing with Challenging Employees
  • Team Building
  • How to Address Bullying and other Inappropriate Behaviors
  • Changing Team Culture
  • Staff Accountability
  • Utilization Issues
  • Employee Retention
  • Decreasing Agency Liability and Exposure

Why Choose Denver Center for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for your Agency?

  • Teri Pichot's 25 plus years experience working in publicly funded, government, and non-profit agencies gives her a unique perspective of how to work within the challenges and confines of multiple levels of regulation, high staff turnover, limited resources, and chronically dual diagnosed clientele. Her success creating a highly functioning clinical team that delivered the highest quality services within such a system demonstrates her expertise working within such settings. She is especially dedicated to assist county mental health centers, departments of child welfare, and publicly funded substance misuse treatment centers maximize their resources and provide the highest quality of evidenced-based care to their clients.

Click Here To See A Partial List of Current and/or Previous Clients Who have Used Solution-Focused Consulting Services from Denver Center for Solution-Focused Brief Therapy:

  • Spanish Peaks Behavioral Health,
    Pueblo, Colorado
  • Denver Hospice,
    Denver, Colorado
  • Aspen Pointe,
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • San Juan BOCES
    Durango, Colorado
  • Crossroads' Turning Point,
    Pueblo, Colorado
  • The Guidance Center of Westchester
    Mount Vernon, New York
  • Ada County Juvenile Court Services
    Boise, Idaho
  • Colorado Mountain College,
    Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  • Kaiser Permanente,
    Corona/Riverside, California
  • Hollywood/Woodland Hills, California
  • Lancaster/Palmdale, California
  • West Covina, California
    San Diego, California
  • Ontario, California
    Naval Medical Center,
    Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Sobriety House,
    Denver, Colorado
  • New Alternatives, Inc.,
    San Diego, California
  • Mountain West Addiction Technology Transfer Center (Mountain West ATTC),
    Montana, Nevada, and Utah
  • Southern Coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center (SCATTC),
    Florida Certification Board,
    Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Centennial Mental Health Center,
    Ft. Morgan, Colorado
  • Solution Land,
    Tokyo, Japan
  • Mental Health Partners,
    Boulder, Colorado
  • BRIEF,
    London, England
  • Solution-Focused Academy,
    Steamboat Mental Health,
    Steamboat, Colorado
  • Larimer County Mental Health,
    Ft. Collins, Colorado
  • The Center for Mental Health,
    Montrose, Colorado
  • Kern County Mental Health
    Bakersfield, California
  • North Range Behavioral Health,
    Greeley, Colorado
  • Partnership for Progress,
    LaJunta, Colorado
  • Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County,
  • Southwest Counseling Center,
    Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Solution-Focused Consulting/Training

"We design personal trainings that teach the original evidenced-based solution-focused tenets and principles developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg..."